FAU Newcomers‘ Club

Der Newcomers‘ Club der FAU lädt ein

Sie sind Gastwissenschaftler oder erst seit Kurzem bei der FAU bzw. dem Universitätsklinikums Erlangen tätig? Sie sind Ihrem Partner bzw. Ihrer Partnerin in die Region gefolgt? Sie möchten Kontakte knüpfen und die Metropolregion besser kennenlernen? Oder leben Sie schon länger in der Region und möchten Neuankömmlingen das Einleben erleichtern?

Der Newcomers‘ Club der FAU dient Neuankömmlingen aller Nationen und ihren Familienangehörigen als Plattform zur sozialen Vernetzung und soll Ausgangspunkt für gemeinsame Treffen und Unternehmungen (z.B. Kindergruppen, Sport-/Spiel-/Kunst-/Literatur-Runden, Ausflüge/ Führungen, Gesprächskreise etc.) werden. An jedem zweiten Donnerstag stellen wir Ihnen ein Thema mit Bezug zur Metropolregion vor. Bei Kaffee und Tee haben Sie die Gelegenheit, Gleichgesinnte kennenzulernen und sich zu weiteren Aktivitäten zu verabreden.


Nächste Aktivitäten:

Tuesday, Oct 4th                              6:00 PM

vhs CLUB INTERNATIONAL, Friedrichstr. 17, Erlangen

Talk and discussion: Football and Contemporary History in GermanyThe connection between sports, history and politics might not strike everybody’s eye on the first glimpse, but in fact they are intricately intertwined. For example, recent discussions about the exclusion of the Russian team from the Olympics have way more to it than a mere debate about sports. When we are talking about sports in Germany, football is definitely the most popular one, so it is not too surprising that in German history, developments in football grounds reflected the political currents of the respective times, but also gave room for opposition against hegemonic bodies of thought. Did you for example know that playing football in the early 20th century was considered “non-German” and therefore became kind of a deviant act? Together, we will slither through contemporary German history have a look on and off the pitch, on the terraces and current political implications.
Wednesday, Nov 9th                   6:00 PM

vhs CLUB INTERNATIONAL, Friedrichstr. 17, Erlangen

Interactive seminar and discussion: Understanding the GermansKerstin Sommer of FAU’s Welcome Centre will give us some tipps on how to successfully deal with the Germans. We will take a look at those things which are typical of Germany and which can cause problems for international people (e.g. communication; the concept of time; rules and regulations).
Thursday, Dec 1st                          6:00 PM

vhs CLUB INTERNATIONAL, Friedrichstr. 17, Erlangen

Talk and discussion: Career opportunities in the regionMichael Hümmer from the Federal Employment Agency has valuable information on how to find a job in the region. Join us to learn more about the most important industry sectors and employment opportunities in  the region and how to best apply and share your thoughts and experiences.
Tuesday, Dec 20th                         6:00 PM

vhs CLUB INTERNATIONAL, Friedrichstr. 17, Erlangen

Christmas meetingThis time it is your turn: Bring along interesting facts, stories and food which are typical for Christmas (or your main holidays) in your country and tell the other participants about them!