Kolloquium: Marie-Therese Wolfram, Warwick: "Modeling and calibration of pedestrian dynamics"

Mai 27
27. Mai 2020 12:30 Uhr bis 13:30 Uhr
HS H13, Cauerstr. 11, Erlangen

„Modeling and calibration of pedestrian dynamics“

Vortragende: Dr. Marie-Therese Wolfram, Univ. of Warwick
Veranstalter: Martin Burger

In this talk we present different modeling approaches to describe and analyse the dynamics of large pedestrian crowds. We start with the individual microscopic description and derive the respective partial differential equation (PDE) models for the crowd density. Hereby we are particularly interested in identifying the main driving forces, which relate to complex dynamics such as lane formation in bidirectional flows. We then analyse the time-dependent and stationary solutions to these models, and provide interesting insights into their behavior at bottlenecks. We conclude by discussing how the Bayesian framework can be used to estimate unknown parameters in PDE models using individual trajectory data.