Otto Bayer Award 2018: Nomination Call

Frist: 2.3.2018 – The foundation presents this excellence award alternately with Hansen Family Award every 2nd year with prize money of €75,000 to scientists in German-speaking countries for frontier research in innovative areas of Chemistry and Biochemistry, particularly in Organic Chemistry, (Bio-)Catalysis, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology, and green or white Biotechnology. The foundation is particularly looking for frontier research with the potential to drive scientific progress for the long-term benefit of society.

Further information about the award and previous winners can be found in the attachment and on the Foundation web page at

Should you decide to accept our invitation for nominations, please submit your candidate proposal until March 2, 2018 by returning the attached form to the Foundation Office in Leverkusen.

An independent jury will make the decision at the end of March and the award ceremony will be held in Berlin in the evening of June 25, 2018.


Your contact for questions regarding the scientific scope of the award is Dr. Michael Metzlaff, Vice President Innovation Strategy at Bayer AG (0214 30 65 465,

For questions about the awarding process, please contact Thimo Schmitt-Lord from the Foundation Board (0214 30 67 268,


Ausschreibung_Bayer_OBP 2018_CALL


Ausschreibung_Bayer_OBP 2018_FORM